Many people think they’re getting a great deal on an inkjet printer, only to find out later that the money they saved is minimal compared to how much they have to spend for ink cartridges. This indeed, is one of the tactics printer manufacturers use to make a profit. Oftentimes, they’ll sell a printer at a loss, only to more than recoup their losses later by selling highly priced printer ink cartridges. By that point, the consumer has no choice but to buy the cartridges in order to keep using their printer. In a sense, the consumer is therefore trapped, and has no choice but to shell out the money.

inkjet cartridge couponsHowever, it does not necessarily have to be this way. While it is true that buying brand new cartridges from the printer manufacturer can incur a high cost, there are certain alternatives to this. One is buying used cartridges that have been refilled. These cartridges usually sell for much less, and are usually just as reliable as the real thing. Many people hesitate to buy recycle cartridges, but I believe you should try this technique at least once before making up your mind. One caveat, however, is that you should be buying your used cartridges from well-known outlets such as Supplies Outlet or 4inkjets.

A second thing you can do is buy something known as a compatible cartridge. These cartridges are actually new, but not manufactured by the original company that sold the printer. The end result is that you get a brand new cartridge that functions just like a new one, at a lower cost. Be aware, however, that some printer warranties may be voided if you use a compatible ink cartridge. This isn’t always the case, however, so you’ll need to do some research to determine what the exact terms and conditions are for your printer model.

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