It’s a great time to be a gamer. Each year, bigger and better games are released. Today’s games are much better even compared to games that came out just a few years ago. And it also helps that graphics cards improve each year as well, allowing higher resolution, exciting game to be available to people who don’t have the biggest gaming budget.

Whether you use Xbox, Playstation, or just a PC, you’re in for a great year. It looks like 2016 will start off with a bang, with the releases of highly anticipated games such as Final Fantasy Explorers and Amplitude. Shortly thereafter, we’ll also be getting Tom Clancy’s Division as well as Street Fighter V. But that’s just in the first 3 months.

Later in the year, we can expect a Mario and Sonic game, called Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and another iteration of Tomb Raider, which will be called Rise of the Tomb Raider. If you are into MMORPGs, there is a promising zombie game called DayZ coming out in the first half or 2016 as well. Even with all the games I just mentioned, we’re just scratching the surface.

A potential problem for budget gamers is that ever-rising cost of video games. Not all of us have $50 or $60 to blow on the latest release. The answer for such gamers is to rent games instead of buying them. Red Box is one option, but the costs can add up if you keep the games for any length of time. A much better option in my opinion is Gamefly (Learn more about Gamefly at

I’m sure you’ve heard of this service as it is quite popular. By paying a monthly subscription fee, you are allowed to rent unlimited games. You can either get one or two games at a time, depending on the subscription level you sign up for.

I used to trade games with friends, but I find that Gamefly is a much better option. Instead of trading games with a good friend, just get a Gamefly subscription together to cut the costs of membership. That’s what I did with a neighbor, and we got the 2-game plan. Ever since joining Gamefly, we never have a shortage of games to play, and because I’m sharing the membership, the cost is quite low for me. You can even get a free trial of gamefly at the website,

I suggest you do a similar thing if you are a gamer who wants to save some money. Ever since I’ve started using this strategy, I’ve been saving hundreds of dollars a year.